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Stop Guessing What Your Visitors Really Want
VWO Insights combines session recordings, heatmaps, on-page surveys, and more to diagnose problem areas in your visitors’ experiences. So you can fix what’s broken. And make the good stuff even better.

Use Funnels to figure out where visitors drop & why
Funnels help you uncover conversion leaks and deep-dive into the reasons for visitor drop-off using heatmaps and recordings.

With advanced segmentation capabilities, you can create complex segments and use bracketing logic to further filter your funnel reports and discover new visitor segments.

Step into visitors’ shoes with Session Recordings
Notice a high drop-off from one stage of the funnel to the next? Want to know why the visitor did not submit the form? You can view session recordings for only those visitors who dropped off at a particular stage with a single click. VWO recordings are always on.

This helps you understand friction points in a specific buyer, avatar, or persona journey. And easily identify opportunities for growth and testing with that segment.

Visualize visitor behavior with Heatmaps
VWO heatmaps help you understand visitor movement on your website: what elements catch their attention the most and what distracts them on critical decision pages from your CTAs.

They are always on and collect and display real-time behavioral data. VWO also allows you to slice and dice data using your preferred segments. You can even download and share heatmap reports with different stakeholders.

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Large enterprises, Medium business




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VWO Insights

A/B Testing,
Push Notifications,
Website Personalization,
Website Heatmaps,
Server Side Testing,
Web Form Analytics,
Mobile App Testing,
Session Recording,

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